Life Care Planning is a relatively new concept in the field of aging. Its purpose is to help individuals and families understand the normal process of aging today, and to help develop plans for the potential care needs of aging family members.

Medical research and technology have drastically reduced the incidence of death due to the serious acute illness. The result is that people are living longer, but experiencing more chronic health conditions. Families today often include four or more living generations, presenting challenges virtually unknown to previous generations. Adult children are more and more likely to be caring for dependent children, as well as providing assistance for aging parents, who may live hundreds of miles away. One thing that hasn’t changed is the desire of aging parents to remain independent.


My approach to lifecare planning uses a holistic model for health care, perhaps best illustrated by the following graphic from SAMHSA


It does not take the place of estate planning, financial planning and management or legal services; it includes those services and others through referrals to appropriate professionals in the community.

The programs and services available for older adults varies widely, from state to state and community to community.

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