Under ideal circumstances adult children would discuss some of the potential issues related to aging before concerns arise.  In other words, “What would happen if…….?” The unfortunate reality is that these conversations typically don’t take place until there is a serious injury or illness. Circumstances often require that decisions be made with little time to explore options.  The conversations that follow are difficult for parents, and for their adult children.  An experienced counselor, acting as a neutral third party, can make these conversations easier for everyone through family counseling.

Some of the issues that need to be addressed include:

  • Identifying and clearly defining problems
  • Identifying all available resources
  • Defining roles
  • Clarifying responsibilities
  • Communication, communication, communication

The advantage of working with someone who has knowledge and experience in the field of aging means that you will be guided by a counseling professional who has:

  • An understanding of all aspects of the aging process
  • Knowledge about both individual and family development across the lifespan
  • An awareness and understanding of the effects of culture on individual and family functioning
  • Knowledge about programs and other community resources available
  • Knowledge about public policy related to aging
  • A broad network of other professionals/groups including legal assistance, financial management, home health care, non-medical care such as companionship, housekeeping, transportation and food preparation
  • Understanding and experience with grief counseling

Living Years Counseling is the only practice in Ames and the surrounding area dedicated to working with the needs of older adults and their families.